What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

SEO does stands for “Search Engine Optimization”

It’s a formula of obtaining traffic from the search results on search engines All key search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have major search results, wherever web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are exhibited and ranked centered on what the search engine considers most important to users.

The way people collect material has increased the want to have a strong web presence. People no longer gaze in the newspaper or yellow pages to discover businesses they want, they go straightforward to the internet and type in what they are looking for. It is a precious strength to have your business at the top of search engine results within your arena. Our team participates in thorough research concerning the history of your company’s actual field and its present-day market value. We then design an action plan and decide the timing of each step for innovative search engine optimization.

  • Devak Research process
  • Process of Reporting and Goal Setting
  • Process towards Content Building
  • Process followed for Page Optimization
  • Process for Social & Link Building
  • Follow Up Reporting & Analysis plan and process

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Keywords Research

Keyword phrase investigation involves detecting a group of keyword phrases that will be used in optimization. This step is important and needs a significant amount of time to find a good set of phrases that offer a balanced mixture of two important factors: extraordinary usage by searchers and relatively little competition within the search engines

Controlling the most used phrase that contains your targeted keyword(s) is relatively easygoing. Online tools permit you to enter a particular keyword or words and will return all the ways in which that word was used by searchers in the previous month and in what volume. Though, the highest used phrases is also likely the one with the highest competition within the search results and may, thus, not be where you would want to assign your optimization energies. A more efficient methodology is to find a set of phrases that are greatly used by searchers but somewhat less competitive in relations of the full number of search results.

SEO Competitive Research

Once prepared with the target keyword phrases, we do a detailed competitive analysis of the subject site against its 5 major competitors. We use a sequence of SEO metrics, comprising indexed content, Alexa rating, inbound links, domain age, and social media following amongst others. Across this process, we are able to measure the client site’s initial position against its competition and identify spaces requiring priority in the subsequent work. For example, if we see that in relation to the competition, the client’s site has 50% fewer indexed content, then content building would be a importance in the goal setting that occurs in the next phase.

SEO Reporting & Goal Setting

After beginning your targeted keyword phrases and initial position relative to the site’s competitive set, it is vital to know what the subject site’s starting position is within the search engines. Doing so guarantees that you know the exact areas that need work and offers a baseline against which to measure the subsequent campaign’s triumph.

Access to site traffic information is extremely essential. These statistics display how searchers are finding and relating with the subject site, for e.g. which search engines, what keyword phrases are being expended, bounce rates, most widespread content, etc.

After emerging with a complete picture of the site’s starting position, objectives are set for the SEO plan. These objectives are calculable and tied to the specific business objectives of the site. In the ongoing advancement of reporting and follow up, progress concerning the plan’s goals are analyzed and reported. Tunings to the SEO plan can be made agreeing to the findings of these progress reports.

SEO Content Building

Content is ruler in search engine optimization. The search engines love text, high volume and high-quality content connected to your business will help you in a couple of important ways.

First, a site wealthy with high-quality content of curiosity to site users will give them a reason to stop and a reason to come back. After all, the purpose they came to your site was to discover information. Second, you will get the additional benefit of serving up precisely what the search engines want, content. Search engines will have more information to stock about your business and products; that information will transform directly into the ranking they give your site for connected keyword phrases.

Page Optimization

Following the add-on of new, high-pitched quality content, we challenge on-page optimization.

  • Page Titles – We make sure that your site’s page titles input something further than just your company name or “welcome.” Preferably, they demand to lead off with your targeted phrase for that page and then shadow with your company name.
  • Text-Based Navigation – Search engines cannot read images. If your site’s navigation system is made with images, you will want a text-based navigation method that the search engines can follow to confirm that all the essential service and product-related sub-pages of your site are indexed by the search engines.
  • Importance of Targeted Keyword Phrases – It is not enough to have your keyword phrases anywhere on the web page, the placement and importance given to them also shakes your search engine placement. For e.g. important off the site’s main paragraph with your keyword phrase gives it more weight than hiding it half way down the page in the mid of a paragraph. Also, using bigger font sizes and bolding the text can emphasize its importance and certainly affect the page’s ranking for that phrase.
  • Site Map – Developing a site map that contains a well-organized list of links to all the significant pages of your site and comprises a text link to the site map on your index page is the ultimate approach to make sure that the search engines index all the site’s pages when they visit the subject site. Google’s Webmaster Tools is superlative for this purposefulness.
  • ALT and META data – These are tags not understood by the site’s users; they are implanted in the site’s code. ALT tags refer to the text that defines an image words that you see pop up as you mouse over selected images. In optimizing your company’s name, an ALT tag positioned behind the image of your company’s logo is perfect. Meta tags are lines of code included in the topmost section of your site’s code. They connect the page’s business matter and relevancy to the search engines. Further, the small description of your site integrated in some search results is drawn from the meta description tag of the home page and should, thus, be used to the site’s benefit.
  • Clean up the Code – Navigation rollover scripts, other JavaScript-based code, and all CSS scripts should be removed out of the code of each page and put into outside files to which each page of the site is referenced. Doing this has numerous advantages, but one of the most captivating is that your website’s keywords and content all go up, in the program, communicating their significance to the search engines and improving your site’s relevancy ratings. In other words, this can advance your search engine rankings by refining the code to text ratio of the page. This is a simple and fairly inexpensive thing to do, varying on the total number of pages in your site.

Social Media

They say, “In marketing, you fish everyplace the fish are”. And, the fish are operating social media in amassed numbers. The influence of online sharing through social media provides fabulous prospects for companies willing to commit the time to using it. During this phase of the development, we help clients launch a social media presence and consult with the client on how greatest to use those social media profiles to share site content and connect with prospective customers.

Building In-Bound Links

Each new and quality link to your site spreads the likelihood of both the search engines’ spiders running through your site as well as searchers eyeing for services or products like yours. Google sights links to your as votes for your site and prizes the site accordingly. You can check your link reputation with a range of free online tools. Our word of guidance free for all links sites and other low quality sites of that nature are of no use and, in fact, diminish from your progress with penalties from the search engines. This developed even more importance with Google’s release of the Penguin algorithm update. We discuss with our clients on ways to construct their online reach and guidance with new inbound links.

Follow Up Reporting and Analysis

The similar reporting done in the initial phase of the campaign is done again at consistent intervals, post-optimization. Rankings, site traffic and other key metrics can then be matched to pre-optimization levels, providing measurable results to the SEO campaign. The specific metrics used in an SEO plan will vary on the objectives of that site.

Devak Important Notes:

Time Frame

It can take a period for the search engines to index a site and the rankings to modification for that site. For some search engines, the interval time amid the work and seeing results can be as long as six months. Clients need to be tolerant and have realistic expectations regarding the time frame involved with organic search engine rankings. If the business need for increased search engine importance is superior than can be met with optimization alone, We recommend adding a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to the marketing mix to link the time. PPC campaigns such as Google’s AdWords can be set up in a matter of minutes, allowing for instant results.

Rankings Guarantees

We do not guarantee any specific rankings for specific phrases. There is no way to guarantee a exact placement inside the organic search results of any search engine. Devak would optimize the site so that it is as attractive as possible to the search engines, using only white hat procedures. Specifically, Devak’s references would ensure that the site is effortlessly spider able, wealthy with keyword-rich content, enjoying quality inbound links, providing a great user experience, and is explored and refined based on its functioning against our stated goals. These are processes that have proven over time to be effective SEO strategies for our clients.

Content Development

The SEO work we do comprises minor non-substantive changes to the site’s present content/text, highlighting the targeted keyword phrases. We make suggestions on new content; the writing of any new practical content is the responsibility of the client. We are delighted to connect you with great copywriters if writing the new content is not undoubtedly done within your organization. We then sequence your words and make our non-substantive changes to it, in order to maximize its value. If you do not want us to make these negligible changes to the site’s text, please let us understand.

SEO Pricing

Our search engine optimization services are assured to get your website off to the right start or to increase rankings of an under-performing website.

Maximum SEO projects are priced as a complete suite. The exact advices and subsequent pricing of the package vary entirely on the specific requirements of the website. Selected websites need broad re-working of the site structure or content, while others need more fine-tuning and advertising. We conduct a thorough investigation of your site and advise a specific program designed to address the distinctive issues facing by your website. SEO is an continuing process and so our initial SEO contracts are for a year, with specific aims set for each quarter.

Elements that disturb pricing include, at a minimum, the size and complexity of the website, the initial condition of the site’s search engine existence and SEO efforts, and the number of different directed keyword areas needed for optimization.

For our prospective clients that require site evaluation and recommendations or SEO consulting without the implementation and follow up included in a full SEO plan, we propose SEO consulting at an hourly rate of $100.00.

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