What is Paid Search Advertising ?

We boost highly targeted PPC campaigns to distribute highest return on investment. By using innovative data analysis and reporting, we administer PPC campaigns and control technology to build ad content that reaches with your target audience. We optimize within ad platforms themselves, permitting us to manage bids more powerfully. Devak Infomark obeys to an Active Optimization™ approach, handling campaigns daily and driving industry-leading results.

Facebook Advertising is a Highly Targeted and ROI-Driven Consumer Connections

With behavioral information from billions of operating users, Facebook has emerged as a frontrunner in social advertising. Through deep-rooted understanding of the Facebook ad delivery system, we procedure advanced technology and tools to target by demographics, behavior, and sophisticated customer profiling. We work openly with Facebook to more effectively target our client’s outlooks across numerous channels.

YouTube Advertising Promotes your Videos to the Right Audience

Paid Search Advertising Company Since 1996

Have you known more than one billion videos are viewed every day in the US, making video content through YouTube one of the most important strategies for brands to build awareness, drive sales and inspire customer retention. We recognize how video visibility can be exploited through strategic, highly-targeted ad placements. Using innovative customer algorithms and audience targeting technology, we work to produce the finest advertisements to the spot-on audience at the correct time in order to drive ROI and increase results.

Our YouTube advertising solution includes the following:

  • In-Display, In-Search, In-Stream, and In-Slate Ads
  • True View Ad Formats
  • Audience Identification
  • Search Keyword Targeting
  • CPV Bid Structure

Advanced data-layering and dynamic targeting by:

  • Audience Persona™ Customer Algorithm
  • Geography
  • Gender and Age
  • Device
  • Topics & Interests
  • Keywords

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Devak brings together a perfect blend of innovative ideas through astute strategy & technical perfection to bring about the excellence in crafted experience that provides extraordinary brand experience.

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